Thursday, March 29, 2012

Pinterest: Closets

It's easy to get stuck into creative ruts once you own a home.  For some, you do a lot of gutting and painting when you first move in. For others, the home is move in ready, and you become too content with the previous owner's status quo. There are lots of fun projects you can do to give your home a personal touch. Sometimes a small change is all you need to be excited about your home all over again.

Today we'll be checking out some fantastic Pinterest pins on Closets.  Closets, you ask?  That's right.  Sometimes, these small nooks and crannies can afford some great and creative space.  You just need the right inspiration!

Check out some of these fab ideas:

Turn your closet into an office area. Perfect to hide away and keep things organized!

Wish you had room in your home to create?  A closet craft area is a fun solution.

Source: via Stephanie on Pinterest

The small space of a closet makes the perfect reading nook.

Tucked away private guest bedroom?

Lose the doors, and you've got a spruced up mudroom or entryway!

The possibilities are endless, if you just let your mind run free!  What other ideas do you have for what to do with a boring closet? Leave a comment below!

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