Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Introduction: Chronicles of a First Time Homebuyer

Hello!  My name is Steph, and almost a year and a half ago, I became a homeowner for the very first time.  Before becoming a homeowner, my husband, Bill, and I were first time homebuyers. Off and on for 2 years, we trudged around our county, looking at homes, putting down offers, and receiving a LOT of rejections. I can't begin to count how many houses we viewed in that time (I'm positive it was over 100 - and I am not exaggerating). And if you can believe it, we submitted over 10 offers on different houses. We redefined the term "rejection." We experienced finally entering into an agreement of sale, only to have the deal fall through after a bad inspection.  We saw a lot of...interesting...houses. And after a long journey, we finally settled on our current home.

All that to say, we became quite seasoned in what it takes to look for a house, bidding on a house, settling on a house, moving into house, and making that house a home.

I'll be posting weekly about what we learned on our home search adventures.  I'll be sharing tips, stories, and resources about buying a home, settling on a house and moving.  I'm not a realtor, and I am no expert, but like I said, we learned a lot on our journey!

It is my hope to encourage all of you who are looking for a home, commiserate and connect with those of you who currently own a home, and share ideas for all people on how to make a house a home!  If you have stories, tips or ideas to share, please leave a comment below - we'd love to feature you!

Check back for our first post!

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